Mamie Locke

In the interim of the reconvene session, the Virginia Senate and House Democrats went on the Virginia Families First Tour. The Virginia Families First Tour was a state-wide journey to engage with communities and discuss a recently designed bipartisan budget focused on the well-being and prosperity of Virginia's families. Despite Governor Youngkin's attempt to label the bipartisan budget as backwards, this tour highlighted the many important aspects of the budget that put Virginia's families first: education, employment, health care, teacher pay, and higher education that is both affordable and accessible. By engaging in direct dialogue and showing an unwavering commitment to listening and understanding our constituents, House and Senate Democrats demonstrated a gold standard for state leadership and made it clear that when leaders prioritize the best interests of their citizens and act decisively, the entire Commonwealth stands stronger together.

Since our tour, the Governor has essentially rewritten the budget, labeling it a "common ground" proposal that removes most of the funds that support the issues that matter to you as citizens. Further, those items that were not removed, were put in place by House and Senate conferees and his administration is now trying to take credit for those proposals.

On April 17, 2024, the Virginia General Assembly will meet for the reconvene session to consider Governor Glenn Youngkin's vetoes, bill amendments, and we will respond to this new budget proposal that does not create much common ground.

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