Mamie Locke - Virginia State Senate - District 2


The 2015 General Assembly session ended one day early. We passed a budget with no tax increases, but there are raises for state employees, university faculty, and state police. Other important aspects of the budget are included in my newsletter which will be attached to the website shortly. But for local governments, it is important to note that the budget restores a $30 cut and includes $250,000 to address encroachment at Langley Air Force Base, $3.2 million to support the Jefferson Lab ion collider project and $250,000 for the Hampton University Proton Beam Therapy Institute.

Major issues in the news led to legislation address sexual assault on college campuses and stricter licensing and regulation of day care facilities. Details about these important pieces of legislation are outlined in the newsletter.

There were important bills addressing education, economic development, workforce development, transportation funding and planning, and Virginia's military families and veterans. Significant progress was made, but there was still failure to address the 400,000 Virginians who live daily without health care. Any effort to discuss Medicaid Expansion or include it in the budget was thwarted. Yet again, Virginia continues to lose $2 billion dollars a year in federal resources to help Virginia citizens receive medical coverage. That is unconscionable.

I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of the citizens of the 2nd Senate district.